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Charles Cherney

Charles Cherney


Experienced - 

A top real estate broker in Cambridge & Somerville since 1999

Informed -

Harvard graduate, local resident and knowledgeable pro

Engaged - 

I am right by your side every step of the way as your trusted real estate advisor

I live my life and do my work with joy. I am grateful.

I grew up in suburbia in Michigan and came to Cambridge to attend Harvard College.

After graduating, I lived in Paris and New York City and then taught English to high school students in Providence, Rhode Island and outside Detroit and in Chestnut Hill near Boston.

In 1999, I became a Realtor at Hammond Real Estate in Harvard Square and worked there until 2016, when the company was sold.

Now I am at Compass in Cambridge. New office. Same mission. Namely,

Joyfully guiding you on your successful home sale or home purchase journey.

I have helped over 500+ buyers and sellers in Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts. I intend to help 500+ more. My work ethic is grounded in Gary Vaynerchuk’s notion that the greatest gift is giving and doing things for others without the expectation of return.

My wife, Candace Bott, works on the Charles Cherney Team.  We live with our daughter outside Inman Square in a worker’s cottage we have renovated over the last fifteen years.

My work is my calling. When it does not call, you’ll find me with my family. I love the beach and a good mystery novel and a long walk. I value the present moment.